Installation in a Development Environment

The development phase is the first step in rolling out a successful Synapta Services Builder implementation. In a typical development environment, all components are installed on a single computer running Windows. From this stand-alone system, a developer can create and publish tasks, set up session pools, and design a prototype, without affecting the network or other users.


  1. Tasks are created and published to Management & Control Services (MCS).

  2. Session pools are created and configured to handle the appropriate client traffic.

  3. The application is created and tested using the new tasks on the Runtime Service.

  4. The system administrator is notified that the system is ready to be moved into production, and the necessary files are provided to update the production Runtime Service.

Configuring the Development Environment

The following diagram shows a typical Windows development configuration. While the number of development computers will vary depending on your specific needs, each computer has all the Synapta Services Builder components installed (Task Builder, MCS, and the Runtime Service).

Development environment

For example, a development environment might consist of:

To install and configure your development environment, use the procedure for installing in Windows and install all components.

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