Configure Tasks for Failover and Load Balancing

Associate your task with an agent cluster, then configure it to run on a list of registered run-time servers.

To configure a task for failover and load balancing
  1. In the MCS left pane, under Tasks, choose Task Configurations.

  2. From the Task Configurations page, click the Add button.

    The Add Task Configuration page appears.

  3. From the Task/Resource list, select the resource name for the task that you want to configure.

    The Task/Resource list contains the resource names for tasks and projects published to a particular MCS server or server cluster, and any resource names that you have added. What you should select depends on the type of task interface objects you use. For task beans, the resource name defaults to the task name; for all others, it defaults to the project name.

  4. From the Agent Cluster list, select the agent cluster that you want to associate with the selected task.

    The Agent Cluster list contains all the agent clusters added to a particular MCS server or server cluster.

  5. Under Failover and Load Balancing, add the servers you want to run the selected task on.

    Once added, you can change the server priority with the Up and Down buttons.

  6. Select the Enable Load Balancing check box to enable load balancing for this task configuration.

  7. Click OK.