To add a host access task to your custom application, the task must be saved by Task Builder as a reusable code object. It is this object (called a task interface object) that will be called by your application. The task interface object requires the support of the entire project to fulfill its role, and to make that happen, you need to publish the project to MCS.


Using Task Builder, you can generate the kind of task interface object needed for your development environment. Then you can publish your project from Task Builder to MCS, where you'll configure a run-time environment to provide host access and support the task.

To make tasks available for your applications, you use these components:

Before You Start

This How-To assumes that you have created a task in Task Builder for Screens and have access to an MCS server, which has a Synapta Services Builder manager installed. We recommend first using the How to Create a Task documentation. Also, you'll need to have chosen an API and development environment.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Generate the task interface object.

  2. Publish your project to MCS.

  3. Configure your development environment.

  4. Call the task.