Configure Your Development Environment

To integrate Synapta Services Builder tasks with your applications, your development environment must be configured properly.

If you plan to
Then do this
Develop your applications on the computer on which Task Builder for Screens is installed Edit your class path to include the items described below, and then no additional configuration is necessary.
Develop your applications on a computer other than the computer on which Task Builder for Screens is installed Copy the appropriate client installer for your environment and run it on the computer you will use.

Using the Client Installer to Configure Your Development Environment

The client installer installs the tools (the ScreenTaskClient and all its support JARs) your application requires. The client installers are located in the following directory on the computer where Task Builder for Screens is installed:


If you are running Windows, there are two client installers to choose from:

If you are running Solaris, there is a single option:

Editing your Class Path when Using the Screen Connector Proxy Service

If you are running an earlier JDK version than 1.4.2_02,, you need to make sure that the following files are in your class path on the computer where you will write your applications and where they will be served from: