Generate a Task Interface Object

A task interface object is a reusable code object that contains the host access functionality built into your task. This procedures assumes that you've already built your task.

To generate a task interface object
  1. If it's not already, open your project in Task Builder for Screens.

  2. If you intend to generate Web services objects or service beans, specify your compilation tool locations.

    1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

    2. In the Options dialog box, choose the Compiling tab.

    3. Under Java Compilation Environment, specify the locations of your Java 2 SDK and your Apache ANT Java build tool.

    4. Click Apply.

  3. Specify default generation options for each type of task interface object you will be generating for your task.

    1. If the Options dialog box is not still open from the last step, from the Tools menu, choose Options.

    2. In the Options dialog box, choose the Generating tab.

    3. On the Generating page, select the task interface object types you want to be able to generate, and then choose Properties for each one to set additional options.

      Click the Help button on the Properties dialog boxes for details.

    4. Click OK to close the Properties and Options dialog boxes.

  4. From the Task Builder Guide or Tools menu, choose Generate.

    The Generate: current project name dialog box appears, with the default task interface object types selected.

  5. Click the Generate button.

    All generated files are copied to install directory\Attachmate\EAI\recordings\current project name.