Deploy a J2EE Session EJB

The successfully packaged session EJB contains all the information needed to successfully deploy or download your enterprise application to your selected application server. Once packaged, the J2EE Session EJB Deployments page displays the JNDI name of your EJB (which is the unique identifier used for packaging and deploying.) and indicates the status of the deployment.

Whether you automatically deploy, or download and manually deploy the application, you must deploy both the connector RAR and EJB JAR files in order to successfully use your session EJB. For OracleAS deployments the EJB JAR and connector RAR files are bundles together as an application EAR file.

To deploy a J2EE Session EJB
  1. Depending on the application server you are deploying to, choose one of the following.
    If you are deploying to
    Do this
    WebLogic or SunOne You can automatically deploy from within MCS, or download the files to your application server for manual deployment.
    WebSphere or Oracle Download the files to your application server for manual deployment.
  2. After the downloading is complete, you can deploy the files to the application server.

    For details about how the specific files are used, in the Related Topics list at the end of this How-To, see Deploying J2EE Session EJBs.