Register an Application Server

MCS keeps a list of registered application servers that you can deploy J2EE session EJBs to. The information required to add an application server to this list is available from your application server administrator and was determined when the adminstrator configured the application server.

To add a new application server to the Registered AppServers list
  1. From the Services Builder for Screens tree in the MCS left pane, expand the Deployments tree, then choose Registered AppServers.

  2. From the Registered Application Servers page, click the Add button.

  3. On the Application Servers page, type the server information in the fields provided.

    For details about any of the fields, click the Help link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

    Caution You cannot register both SunOne and WebLogic 8.1 application servers on the same computer.
  4. Click OK.