Difficult navigation problems can be worked around with the server-side API. If you have a host access operation that you want to build a task for, but which has a "non-standard" workflow, you can create custom steps to build the task.


During the process of creating a normal task, when you come to the task step which doesn't fit the workflow, convert it to a custom step. From there, what you do depends on what you want your custom step to accomplish. This is important to know before you begin to write the Java code necessary to implement your custom step using the methods of the Server-side API.

This How-To is more of a "Show How-To." It walks you through a "real-life" example of a task that cannot be solved using the Task Builder for Screens standard workflow. By following the steps in this How-To, running the sample, and using the server-side API and the Custom Step feature in Task Builder, you can create a workable solution to the "impossible" task.


The Department of Motor Vehicles wants to create a task where they can enter a customer's Social Security number and return a list of all the vehicles owned by that person. This task is a problem because any number of vehicles can appear for a given Social Security number and they can appear in any order, making it impossible to record all the possible combinations of vehicles.

In our sample, the task is called GetVehicles.

Before You Start

This How-To assumes that you have installed Task Builder for Screens and that you have access to your Synapta Services Builder CD.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Start the sample application.

  2. Create the sample task.

  3. Implement the Custom Step Adapter class.

  4. Convert the task step into a custom step.

  5. Change step destinations and complete the task.