Start the Sample Application

The sample application runs in Attachmate Trace Player, a Java program that emulates "host-side" behavior by using datastreams captured from real host sessions. Data sets are included in order to demonstrate specific host behaviors in relationship to Synapta Services Builder.

To start the sample application
  1. Verify that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has been added to the system path.

  2. From your Synapta Services Builder CD, open the tools\Win32\traceplayer directory and copy the files to:

    install directory\Attachmate\EAI\documentation\connector_screens\sdk\traceplayer

  3. From the:

    install directory\Attachmate\EAI\documentation\connector_screens\sdk\server\samples\recordings

    directory, copy the ssa_dmv_example subdirectory to:

    install directory\Attachmate\EAI\recordings

  4. From the:

    install directory\Attachmate\EAI\documentation\connector_screens\sdk\traceplayer

    directory, run dmv.bat, which starts the sample application.