Test a Task

To test your tasks, you must have a live host connection.

Note If you test a task that begins at the endpoint of another task (its parent), Task Builder automatically navigates from the current host screen to the beginning of your task before it starts testing. If a parent task requires input, you'll need to supply the input during navigation.
To test a task
  1. In an open project, from the drop-down list of available tasks, select the task you want to test.

  2. From the Task Builder Guide or Task menu, choose Test Task.

    The Test Task dialog box displays, showing the task inputs and providing fields allowing you to vary input as an end user or application might.

  3. Click the Test button.

    The Unrecorded Screen dialog box is displayed if your task encounters a screen that was not originally recorded, or that appears out of the original order. This can occur for several reasons. There are several remedies, such as adding branches, modifying screen recognition rules, and adjusting Host Response Timeout options. See the Creating Tasks section of this guide for more detailed information.

    When you successfully test your task, the Task Summary dialog box displays a list of task inputs and outputs so that you can verify the results of your task.

  4. Click OK to close the Task Summary dialog box.

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