Define Task Inputs and Outputs

A task definition consists of the inputs required to complete the task, and the outputs expected to be returned by the task. Also, you may add edit the Task Step inputs and outputs needed to move you through the recorded screen, or create new ones by choosing items from the Step menu.

To define task inputs and outputs
  1. From the Review screen, select a host or user field, and drag it to the Task Inputs/Outputs pane.

    When you drag a host field to a task, it is automatically added under the currently selected step.

    Protected fields cannot be added as a task input.

  2. Alternatively, you can add a step output by selecting New Step Output from the Step menu, and then defining your new output's properties.

    You can edit many of the properties for tasks, task steps, and fields. To edit a property, in the Properties pane, type or select a new value.

  3. Save your project.