Create a New Project

A project is the collection of all files needed to create, modify, publish, and execute a task or set of tasks. The basic features of a project are its name and host connection. Your project can include one or more tasks, and one or more task interface objects, and it keeps all of these things together for ease of use.

To create a new project
  1. Run Designer Studio to access Task Builder for Screens.

  2. From the Task Builder Guide or File menu, choose New Project.

  3. From the Choose Host Type dialog box, choose a host type and click OK.

  4. From the Connection Settings dialog box, type a Host Alias/IP Address.

    You do not have to connect to the actual host used by your end application, but the host application you connect to must be identical to the one used by your end application.

    You can also configure your host connection with optional Advanced and Security settings.

  5. Click OK.

    Task Builder displays the sign on screen for the host you've connected to.

    You will not be able to save (and name) your project, or do anything until you add a task.