Configure a UTS or T27 Task that Obtains its ID from MCS

To configure a UTS or T27 task to use ID management
  1. In a Task Builder for Screens project, from the Host menu, choose Connection Settings.

  2. In the Host Type dialog box, choose either UTS or T27.

  3. On the Specify UTS Configuration dialog box or Specify T27 Configuration dialog box, click New.

  4. In the UTS Connection Settings - Connection page, select one of the predefined connection names (DCP or HLC), and then type the IP address or domain name of the Distributed Communications Processor (DCP) or Host LAN Controller (HLC) in the Host Address box. Then, on the Environments page, select an environment and connection.


    In the T27 Connection Settings - General page, under Host IP Address Or Domain Name, type the IP address or domain name of a ClearPath NX, ClearPath LX, or A Series host.

  5. In the General page, select Use ID Management.

  6. Under MCS Server Address, type the IP address or name of the server where MCS is installed.

  7. Under Pool Name, type the name of the address pool from which to obtain an ID.

  8. Click Save.

  9. For UTS sessions, specify an environment to use.

  10. In the New Configuration Name box, type a name for the new configuration, and then click OK.

    The configuration file name cannot contain the following characters: / \ : * ? " < > | # % or +.

  11. Click the name of the configuration in the Configurations list, and then click Connect.

    When you click Connect, the configuration dialog box closes, and the session opens in the Live Screen area.

  12. Build your task, then generate an interface object, then publish your project to MCS, and make your task available to client applications.

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