Set up clients to log events to the Management & Control Services (MCS) event log. MCS provides a centralized location for storing and viewing logged events.


Management & Control Services (MCS) records and logs any system events that are generated either by an MCS function, or by an MCS-managed product or component. Each MCS-managed product can log its own events in the MCS event log; the types of events are specified by that product.

You'll enable logging in the MCS-managed product, then set some options in MCS. The events will be viewable in MCS.

Before You Start

This How-To assumes that you have installed and configured Design Component Name and have access to an MCS server which has the above components installed.


Following are the main steps you need to complete for this How-To:

  1. Enable event logging in Synapta Services Builder.

  2. Configure event logging options in MCS.

  3. View logged events.