Associating Tasks with Agent Clusters

Before you can run your tasks, they must be associated with an agent cluster of client computers, and with one or more registered run-time servers. A failover list is created for each task and agent cluster combination.

To associate a task with an agent cluster and configure a task for failover and load balancing
  1. If you have not already done so, add your client computer to an agent cluster in MCS.

    For information about MCS agents and agent clusters, see Managing Agents and Agent Clusters, Overview.

  2. Register your run-time servers.

    For information about registering run-time servers, see Registering Run-time Servers.

  3. In the MCS left pane, point to Products, and then click Services Builder for Screens.

  4. Under Services Builder for Screens, expand the Deployments tree, expand the Tasks tree, then click Task Configurations.

  5. From the Task Configurations page, click Add.

    The Add Task Configuration page appears.

  6. From the Task/Resource list, select the resource name for the task that you want to configure.

    What you should select depends on the type of task interface objects you use. For task beans, the resource name defaults to the task name; for all others, it defaults to the project name.

    The Task/Resource list contains the resource names for tasks and projects published to a particular MCS server or server cluster, and any resource names that you have added. For example, you might add resource names to the list if you want to associate different tasks in the same project with separate run-time servers, and you did not generate task beans.

  7. From the Agent Cluster list, select the agent cluster that contains the client computers on which the selected task will run.

    The Agent Cluster list contains all the agent clusters added to a particular MCS server or server cluster.

  8. Under Failover and Load Balancing, add the server or servers on which you want to run the selected task.

    When building your failover list, the order in which a server is listed is the order in which failover occurs. You can change the server priority with the Up and Down buttons.

  9. (Optional) Select Enable Load Balancing to enable load balancing for this task configuration.

    Tasks will be run on the same series of run-time servers in the same order as the failover list.

  10. Click OK.
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