Session EJB Errors

All generation and deployment errors are logged to Management & Control Service (MCS).

Note While MCS logs other types of events for other Synapta Services Builder components, such as information, warnings, and errors, for session EJB deployments, only errors are currently logged to MCS.

The following table shows common errors that can be encountered when deploying session EJBs to an application server.

Error Exception message Possible solution
An exception occurred while running the command.
Cannot undeploy. Application is not registered Did you un-deploy the application through the application server's administrative console? If yes, choose Yes to ignore the error and continue.
Unable to connect to admin-server. Please check if the server is up and running and that the host and port provided are correct. Check that the application server is running and that the registered application server information is correct.
Invalid user or password Check that the registered application server user name and password is correct.
Java returned: 1. Could not deploy/undeploy using Ant. Generator exited with code "1".
not applicable Did this happen while trying to deploy or un-deploy to WebLogic 8.1? If yes, you may have registered both SunOne and WebLogic 8.1 servers.

When SunOne and WebLogic 8.1 are registered on the same machine you can successfully generate, deploy, and un-deploy to SunOne without incident, however you will encounter errors when trying to deploy or un-deploy to WebLogic 8.1. You must delete SunOne before you can use WebLogic 8.1.

Delete SunOne from the list of Registered AppServers, then from

delete the following files:

  • appserv%2dadmin%2ejar.binary
  • appserv%2dext%2ejar.binary
  • sun%2dappserv%2dant%2ejar.binary
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