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Host: VT Display Settings: Screen Page

On the Screen page you can specify the page size of the display, set tabs, decide when the bell rings, and choose a cursor type. These settings only affect the current project.

To display the Display settings, Screen page; after choosing your host type, from the Host menu, choose Display Settings, then Screen.


Columns:  From the drop-down list, select the page width for text. When you change this setting, the screen is cleared.

Lines:  From the drop-down list, select the number of lines per page for the session (23 to 144). This also determines the number of pages (up to 6). The numbers in the list are compatible with DIGITAL VT terminals: 24 (6 pages), 25 (5 pages), 36 (4 pages), 48 (3 pages), 72 (2 pages), and 144 (1 page).

Tabs Stops

Columns:  Specify in which column(s) you want to set tab stops. To set individual tab stops, type a series of numbers separated by commas, for example: 4,7,15,20. To set tab stops at repeated intervals after the last stop, or column 1, type the interval as +n, for example: 10,20,+5.

Reset to default:  Use this button to restore the tab stops to the default setting of 8-column intervals.


On Host Signal:  Select this option to sound the bell when operating errors occur or when the terminal receives an ASCII BEL character.

Approaching Right Margin:  Select this option to sound the bell when the text cursor approaches the right margin.


Cursor Style:  Select which type of cursor to display: None, Line, or Block.

Blinking:  Select this option to cause the cursor to flash on and off.

Blink Rate:  Type a blink rate in milliseconds. The higher the number, the slower the blink. The fastest blink rate is 500 milliseconds. If you enter a number lower than 500, the blink rate is 500 milliseconds.

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