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Host: VT Display Settings: Screen Advanced Page

On the Screen Advanced page you can adjust scrolling speeds, specify cursor coupling options, as well as other advanced screen display elements. These settings only affect the current project.

To display the Display settings, Screen Advanced page; after choosing your host type, from the Host menu, choose Display Settings, then Screen Advanced.

Scrolling  Select the rate of screen update. This can range from updating at every line (slower) to updating only after several complete screens have changed (faster).

When the cursor reaches the end of a screen, each new line received from the host can cause the previously received lines to scroll upwards. Because this requires all the text in the emulation window to be re-written in a different position, data that is arriving too fast might have to wait while a slow machine repeatedly moves lines of text.

To avoid re-writing large amounts of text, you can select various options to control the rate that the screen is re-written. Depending on the option you select, the window is re-written only after multiple lines are received. Note that no data is lost, only the line-by-line scrolling is omitted to save time.

This option
Does this
Disabled Do not scroll. When the cursor reaches the end of the page, each new line simply overwrites the previous line.
Jump 1 Displays after every line. This is the slowest option.
Jump 2 Displays after 1/8 of the screen has changed.
Jump 4 Displays after 1/4 of the screen has changed.
Paged Displays after one page has changed.

Cursor Coupling   When you couple the cursor, the Services Builder for VT scrolls the window keeping the cursor visible as it moves on the current page, or as the current VT page changes. For example, if you try to move the cursor beyond the right edge of the window, the window display moves to the left. This keeps the cursor visible, and displays the information formerly hidden beyond the right edge of the window.

This option
Does this
Horizontal Scrolls horizontally when the cursor moves beyond the right or left edge of the window.
Vertical Scrolls vertically when the cursor moves beyond the top or bottom of a window.
Page Automatically display a different page when the cursor moves to that page in page memory.

Status Line  Specify how to use the terminal status line.

This option
Does this
Disabled Do not display status line.
Indicator The status line shows the state of the application.
Host Write The host displays information on the status line.

CR Implies CRLF  Select this option to have the ENTER key send a carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF), instead of just a CR.

Auto Wrap Lines  Select this option to have text automatically wrap to the next line when it reaches the right margin.

Display Control Characters  Select this option to display received control characters, rather than process them.

Inverse Screen  Select this option to reverse the foreground and background colors for normal text. For example, if normal text was gray on a black background, it becomes black text on a gray background.

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