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Host: VT Display Settings: History Page

If you are in an Auxiliary session, you can use the history feature to look at data no longer displayed in the emulation window. As a line scrolls off the screen, it is stored in the history buffer. The history appears above the first VT page. When the emulation window displays the history buffer, the vertical scroll bar box shows your position within the viewed page and history buffer. The history buffer area is indicated with a colored background.

To display the History page, from the Host menu, choose Display Settings and then the History page.

Enable History:  Activates history and stores information no longer displayed on the screen in the history buffer.

Include Scrolling Region:  Specifies whether the history buffer data includes data gathered from a scrolling region, or only data from the top line of the page.

Maximum Size

Set this option to something other than Unlimited to limit the amount of history kept in the history buffer.

Size:  Lists the available sizes of the history buffer.

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