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Character attributes (bold, inverse, underline, and blink) change the way characters appear on the screen. These attributes, or combinations of these attributes, can be assigned to any displayed character. You can add color to your display by mapping character attributes and their combinations to colors.

Services Builder for VT also supports ISO color sequences, with which the host controls the foreground and background colors independently of other visual attributes. Default colors are provided for each attribute, attribute combination, and the ISO colors. You can change these default colors to personalize your session. Line attributes are characteristics (formats) that are applied to a line to change the way it displays on the screen.

Map to color  Display characters with the named attribute using the colors shown in the list.

Attribute  From the list, select the attribute or attribute combination for which you want to specify colors.

Support ISO Color Sequences  Provides host control over the color of your text and text background, which may override the color settings you specify on this page.

Color Palette  Press the Color Palette button to select the desired color from the Color Palette dialog box to apply to the attribute selected from the Attribute list.

Foreground  Press the Foreground button to select a foreground color for the selected attribute or combination. The Foreground dialog box contains the foreground colors for attribute mapping. You can change the color definition in the Color Palette dialog box.

Background  Press the Background button to select a background color for the selected attribute or attribute combination.. The Background dialog box contains the background colors for attribute mapping. You can change the color definition in the Color Palette dialog box.

Default  Reset the foreground and background index for all attribute combinations. Also, clear the Map to color selection for each attribute.

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