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Host: VT Display Settings: Character Sets Page

A character set is a group of graphic and control characters stored as a unit in the terminal. You can display graphic characters on the screen. You use control characters to perform special functions.

The Services Builder for VT supports all the VT340 and VT420 character sets. These include ASCII, DEC-MCS, ISO Latin-1, ISO Latin-2, DEC Technical, DEC Special Graphics, National Replacement Character sets, and DRCS (downloadable). The Services Builder for VT also supports the standard DOS character set. Each character set contains various sizes including 80 and 132 column styles.

The character set determines the characters displayed for each received code.

To display the Display settings, Character Set page; after choosing your host type, from the Host menu, choose Display Settings, then Character Set.

Character Sets

Use the options in the Character Sets page to select a character set to use to display received codes.

Character Set Mode:  Select either Multinational or National. If you select Multinational, the ASCII character set is mapped into the lower (7-bit) half of the character set and the option selected under User-Preferred Character Set is mapped into the upper (8-bit) half of the character set. If you select National, your character set is defined by what you select under National Character Set..

User-preferred Character Set:  If you selected Multinational under Character set mode, select the 8-bit supplemental character set to use. If you use a serial port, ensure that your port can send all eight bits.

National Character Set:  If you selected National under Character Set Mode, select a National Character Set to use.

Use Euro for International Currency Symbol: Select this option to use the euro symbol ( € ) in place of the international currency symbol when ISO Latin-1 is selected under User-Preferred Character Set.

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