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Using this page, you can create, edit, and delete host connection configurations that can be used not only with Task Builder for Screens, but also for the run-time session pools that you create with Management & Control Service for Screens. Therefore, the number of configurations that you should create varies, depending on how you want to use each one.

For example, you might create one configuration that uses a specific terminal or station ID for creating tasks, and a second configuration that obtains its terminal or station ID from ID management for run-time transaction processing. Configurations used for run-time sessions or auxilliary sessions must obtain their IDs from ID management.

Note To use ID management for your design-time sessions, before you can establish a host connection and create tasks, you must first configure your address pools and assign IDs to those pools in MCS. To do this, in the MCS left pane under Services, click ID Management. Under ID Management, click Configure IDs. For more information, click Help in the ID Management tree.

To ensure that IDs are always available for the design-time sessions, create separate address pools for your design-time and run-time sessions.

Services Builder for UTS / T27 only supports a subset of the ID management features available in MCS. When configuring IDs in MCS for use with UTS or T27 hosts, on the New ID page leave the host name field empty, and on either the New Pool page or the Pool Properties dialog box, clear the Lease checkbox, and set the inactivity timeout to zero.

For UTS sessions, it is possible to configure the host to use a PID pool rather than using ID management. For more information, contact your host administrator.

The number of configurations that you should create also depends on the number of hosts that you want to access, and the number of translation tables that you use. For example, if you need to create one task for a French host application, and another for a German host application, you would create two configurations: one that uses a French translation table, and one that uses a German translation table.

For more information about the items on this page, refer to the following:

Configurations: This list displays the names of the configurations that currently exist for the host type you selected on the Choose Host Type dialog box.

Connect: Click this button to use the configuration selected in the Configurations list to create a task.

New: Click this button to create a new configuration. The configuration file name cannot contain the following characters: / \ : * ? " < > | # % or +.

Edit: Click this button to change the connection settings of the configuration selected in the Configurations list.

Delete: Click this button to delete the configuration selected in the Configurations list. If you delete a configuration that is used by a task, error messages will appear when you try to run the task.

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