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Test Task Dialog Box

Use the options in the Test Task dialog box to test the current task. If you supply a different input when testing, you can add a branch to your task.

See Adding Branches to Tasks in the Related Topics list for instructions.

To display the Test Task dialog box, from the Task menu, choose Test Task.

Task Inputs:

Name: Each task input is listed by either the Step and host field name, (for example, Step2_HostField9), or if you have edited the task input name property, the name in the Input Name Value column.

Value: For each task input there is a corresponding value. These fields are populated by the Default Values listed in the Task Input Properties pane. You can edit these values.

Send Input: Indicates whether a value should be supplied for this particular input. If the Input Required property is set to true in the Task Input Properties pane, this value cannot be changed. In order to not send a value for this particular input, change the value to false. Defaults to true.

See Task and Task Step Property Descriptions in the Related Topics list for more information on the Input Required property.

Task Summary:

After testing your task, the Task Summary dialog box displays. This summary contains the inputs and the resulting outputs of your task, providing verification that your task is running as planned.

When testing a task containing a table, a list of table records is available by clicking the [Table RecordSet] value in the Task Outputs list box. The set of records displayed in the Task Summary dialog box is limited to one hundred records, although the total set of records in the table is actually returned.

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