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Task Failure Information Dialog Box

The Task Failure Information dialog box provides detailed information to help you diagnose step and recognition rule failures.

To display this dialog box, click More Info on either the Navigation Error or Unrecorded Screen message box.

Unmatched Steps:   A drop down combo box that contains the names of all the steps that failed to match during the execution of the task. Selecting one of the steps modifies the information in the dialog.

Step Variables:  A list of the variables and host fields available for the step, including the cursor position, last text received from host, and complete host field information. To view the entire variable, double-click in the variable field.

Recognition Rule Results:  A tree view of the task step's recognition rule showing each part of the rule and what the results were during evaluation. Using this information you can determine exactly where your recognition rule failed and why. The results of each portion of the rule are displayed after the arrow.

In the example above, the first section of the rule succeeded, while the second section failed. The CursorPost( ) method call returned 'false' and the IF method call returned 4. Since 4 is not equal to 1, the Equal operator returned False.

Using the Recognition Rule Results window you can also see if your recognition rule failed due to an error or an invalid method call.

In this illustration, an attempt was made to call the method 'CursorCol', when the correct method is 'CursorColumn'. Using the information provided here, it is easy to determine where and why the recognition rule failed.

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