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Table - Next Page Inputs Dialog Box

Define the keystrokes and input values necessary to navigate to the next screen of the table. In a multi-page table, you must define an AID key that will move the table to each subsequent page, until reaching the last page, which is defined by the Last Page Rule on the Table Properties pane.

See Table Property, Constant, and Variable Descriptions in the Related Topics list for more information on the Last Page Rule.

An AID key is a key, such as ATTN, ENTER, function keys, and so forth, that sends commands to the host.

Note Task Builder contains a translator that formats all AID key designations. It is important that you enter the AID key in the correct format, for example {F8}. If you enter an 8 in the Next Page Input value, the translator will correctly read {F8}. However, if you enter F8, the translator reads F{F8}, which is an invalid command. By correctly entering the AID key, as they are listed in the topic, AID Keys, you will avoid navigation errors.

To configure next page inputs, select Next Page from the Table Properties pane. Click under Value to display the Next Page Inputs dialog box.

Next Page Inputs

Available Inputs: A list of all the available unprotected host fields and user fields defined within a table.

Chosen Inputs: The user fields and unprotected host fields selected from the Available Inputs list. These inputs can be used as task inputs.

This option
Does this
Add Moves the selected fields from the Available Inputs list to the Chosen Inputs list. Inputs that are added to the Chosen Inputs list can be used as task inputs to aid in moving through the screens in the table.
Remove Returns a selected input from the Chosen Inputs list to the Available Inputs list. This removes the input from the table.
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