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Table - Requested Fields Dialog Box

After you have created user fields within a defined table, you must add those fields to the table in order to make the data available to the table.

To add user fields, select Requested Fields from the Table Properties pane. The Requested Fields dialog box displays.

Add User Fields

Available user fields: A list of all the user fields created within a table, including all user fields defined on the detail screens used when creating a detail table.

Note User fields created on detail screens, are available from the first-level table's Requested Fields property on the Table Properties pane.

Chosen user fields: A list of all user fields that have been selected from the Available user fields list. The information extracted from these fields is used to populate the table.

This option
Does this
Add Moves the selected user field from the Available user field list to the Chosen user field list. User fields that are added to the Chosen user field list are used when populating the table.
Remove Returns a selected user field from the Chosen user field list to the Available user field list. This removes the user field and its information from the table.
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