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T27 Connection Settings: Advanced Page

Remote Port: Type the host port to use. For any hosts or applications not listed below, contact your host administrator for the correct value to use.

This host or application
Typically uses this port
Unisys ClearPath NX, ClearPath LX, and A Series hosts or other hosts that use TELNET communication protocols 23
Applications that use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 21
Electronic mail (SMTP) 25
Applications that provide an interface to query programs at several network sites (FINGER) 79
Applications that use the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) 119

Lingering (Sec): Type the number of seconds to wait for an acknowledgment from the host after the session is closed.

The connection will close even if an acknowledgment is not received within this amount of time.

If your network experiences a great deal of traffic, or if the clients are part of a wide area network (WAN), setting this value between 1 and 4 should allow ample opportunity for the host to respond.

If you type 0, the connection closes without waiting for an acknowledgment from the host. This makes the socket available more quickly, but for some hosts (such as Unisys A Series hosts), this will generate network errors.

Alternate IP Address: If desired, type the IP address or domain name for an alternate host.

If a connection to the host cannot be established using the IP address or domain name specified on the General page (due to a connection time-out or an unsuccessful connection attempt), the IP address or domain name specified here will be used.

Recording Settle Time: Enter the amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait between screens. If you are having difficulty recording a screen, for example, a substantial delay before a T27 FORMS mode screen is received, the screen may not be recorded correctly. You may want to specify a value greater than the typical lag time between screens.

This option has a default value of 0, which means that settle time is not used while recording a T27 task and has no effect when testing tasks in Task Builder or when the task is executed in the runtime environment.

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