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Recognition Rule Editor

Task Builder automatically creates a recognition rule for each task step using the first two and last two host fields on a screen. Task Builder uses recognition rules to compare recorded step locations with live host screens in order to verify that each recorded task step matches its correct host screen.

You can use the Recognition Rule Editor to build recognition rules by dragging information from the selected screen, editing it in the Sub-Rule field, and then adding it to the default recognition rule.

To display the Recognition Rule Editor, from the Value column of the Properties pane, select the recognition rule property. After editing, choose OK to return to the Properties pane.

Step Recognition Rule:   The current recognition rule for each selected task step available for editing. As you edit host or user field rules, they are appended to this existing rule and, when saved, the new task step recognition rule displays in the Value column of the properties pane.

Fields:   This drop down list contains all the fields available for editing for the selected task step. When selected, the field's recognition rule displays in the Sub-Rule box.

Operators/Functions:  A list of all available operators and functions used in Task Builder.

See Using Functions to Create Expressions for information on operators and functions.

Sub-Rule:   The selected host or user field's recognition rule displays here. Each modification, (for example, adding new operators or functions) can be viewed here prior to adding it to the task step recognition rule.

Note When using text from the screen to build sub-rules, all null characters are automatically converted to spaces.

Append:  Select Append to add the rule currently displayed in the Sub-Rule box to the end of the rule displayed in the Step Recognition Rule box.

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