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Publish Dialog Box

Use the options in the Publish dialog box to specify the MCS server to which you will publish your NavMap and associated files. Tasks and NavMaps are published to either the MCS server specified during setup or to another designated MCS server. You can change your default MCS settings by selecting new options on the Options, Publishing page.

See Generated and Published Files in the Related Topics list for a description of the files that are published to MCS, their location on your local computer, and information on testing your generated task beans and task files.

NavMap name: The name of the current NavMap that is available for publishing. The project includes all associated tasks and task steps.

MCS server: Type the name or IP address of the MCS server that you are publishing to.

MCS server port: Type the Web server port number of the MCS server you are publishing to.

Password: Type the system administrator password for the MCS server you are publishing to.

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