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Use Project Resources to add JAR files, containing classes or other resources, to the project. These resources are available to reference in your script. Only JAR files can be added as a resource.
Note Any changes made to this panel will affect all the tasks in the project.

If this
Then this
To add a JAR to a project Click Add and browse to the location of the JAR file you want to add, select the files and click Add in the file browser.
To modify the order of the JAR files in the list When verifying or executing script, the JAR files are referenced in the order they appear in the Project Resources list. Very rarely does this order have an impact. However, you can change the order of the JAR files by selecting the file to be moved and clicking Up or Down.
To remove a JAR from a project Select the JAR you want to remove and click Remove. When prompted, confirm your decision.

Verify Script:   Click this option to verify your script. This will not save changes. If the verification is successful, a message displays in the top pane of the editor. If the verification produces errors, they must be either corrected or the script disabled before you can save the script and proceed with implementing task execution.
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