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Add Navigation Script: Advanced Java Options: Helper Methods

Use Helper Methods to define and implement any methods or inner classes that you want to call or use in your navigation script. Any methods or classes that you define here can be used in any other script editor panels.

The Usage Tips, located on the top pane of the editor, provide the variable names that are available to you and link you to the Javadocs for more information on the objects the variables represent.

Disable the Above Script in Step Execution:   Select this option to save your script, but make it unavailable to your task. With this option selected the scripting field is disabled and you cannot edit your script.

Verify Script:   Click this option to verify your script. This will not save changes. If the verification is successful, a message displays in the top pane of the editor. If the verification produces errors, they must be either corrected or the script disabled before you can save the script and proceed with implementing task execution.
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