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Options - Publishing Page

Use the options on the Publishing page to provide or change the default values to use for publishing your interface objects to MCS. Unless you want to publish to a different server than the one you specified during installation, these options do not need to be changed. They are used as the default values whenever you use the Task Builder to publish to MCS.

To display the Publishing page, from the Tools menu, choose Options, and then choose the Publishing tab.

Warning Be aware that when you publish your task interface objects to a different MCS server than was originally designated, your session pools and runtime servers may no longer be configured to the correct MCS server. This can cause updated NavMaps and session pools to become out of synch with one another.

MCS Server Settings:

MCS Server Name or IP Address: The name or IP address of the Management & Control Services (MCS) server to which you will publish your interface objects.

MCS Server Port: Type the Web server port number of the MCS server to which you will publish.

User ID: Type the system administrator user ID for the MCS server to which you will publish.

Password: Type the system administrator password for the MCS server to which you will publish.

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