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Options - Compiling Page

Use the options in the Compiling page to specify the location of your Web services compiler. Options in the Compiling page are global to all Task Builder projects.

To display the Compiling page, from the Tools menu, choose Options, and then choose the Compiling tab.

Java Compilation Environment:

Java.Home: Specify the location of your Sun Java 2 SDK, or choose Browse to navigate to its location.

Ant.Home: Specify the location of your Apache ANT Java build tool, or choose Browse to navigate to its location.

Web Services Compilation Directory:

Keep generated source: By default, Task Builder generates source files to a temporary location, and then copies the files you'll need to publish to a more permanent location under Attachmate/EAI/recordings. When this option is selected, after generating you will have two copies of the source files on your local computer, a compressed version under Attachmate/EAI/recordings, and an uncompressed version in the location you specify. If you modify these files directly, and then regenerate, your changes will be overwritten.

Output directory: By default, this value is drivename\Program Files\Attachmate\EAI\ScreenConnectors\ws\output. You can specify a different location in which to store your uncompressed source files.

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