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Import Task: Select Tasks to Import

From the selected source project you must designate the task or tasks that you want to import. All tasks and global screen handlers are listed by name and selected by default. They will be imported unless you clear the appropriate checkbox.

To display the Select Tasks to Import page, from the File menu, choose Import Tasks. Select Tasks to Import is the third or fourth panel in the Import Task wizard.

Source project:  Each task and global screen handler contained in the selected source project is listed. Verify that the tasks or global screen handlers that you want to import are selected.

Destination project:  The project you want to import into, including all tasks and global screen handlers contained in that project.

Information, Warnings, and Errors

Different types of messages provide information about project incompatiblity and workflow issues. These messages are located in the left pane of the wizard and are listed in the Summary of Changes at the end of the import process.

Project Incompatibility Messages

After making your project selection, the project's NavMap is accessed and any differences between the source and destination projects are detected and displayed. Tasks may run successfully despite the differences detected between the imported task and it's new project. However, if necessary, you can use the information contained in these alerts to start the troubleshooting process. Incompatiblity messages include:

Workflow Messages

There are also standard workflow warnings:

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