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Import Task: Review Screen Name Conflicts

Tasks are made up of the host screens required to successfully run the task. When you import a task from your source project to your destination project you also import the screens needed for task execution. All screen, as well as task, naming conflicts that occur must be resolved. Two screens cannot co-exist in a project using the same name, so when you import a task and its screens that have the same names as those already contained in the destination project, the imported task and screens must either be renamed or overwritten. A complete list of all screen conflicts displays in the Screen Name Conflicts panel. Task name conflicts are resolved on the Task Name Conflicts page of the wizard.

To display the Screen Name Conflicts of the Task Import wizard, from the File menu, choose Import Tasks. Screen Name Conflicts is the fifth or sixth panel of the wizard.

The default specification of how to handle screen naming conflicts is set in the Task Import Options dialog box. Depending on your selection in the Task Import Options dialog box, the screen name conflict list varies:

If this
Then this
Import as new screens Imported screens are added as new screens to the destination project and the amended name, using the naming extension set on the Task Import Options dialog box, is used. For example, screen1 and screen1_imported are listed as a conflict. What this means is in order to differentiate between the two screens; the imported screen1 is renamed screen1_imported. Now, in the destination project, there will be two screens; screen1 and screen1_imported.
Replace existing screens The original screen will be replaced in the destination project by the imported screen. This option must be selected in the Task Import Options dialog box. There is no need to rename the screen as the imported screen will overwrite the screen in the destination project.

Replace Original: You always have the option of replacing the original screen, in the destination project, with the imported screen. Select the screen you want to have replace the original in the destination project and select this option. In the Screen Name Conflicts list the change is noted.

Original Name: This is the original name of the screen as it appears in the source project. This field cannot be modified but is available for reference.

New Name: You can modify the amended screen name which was set on the Task Import Options dialog box. Enter the new name you want to use for the imported screen.

Rename: Click this button to apply the new name to the selected screen.

Information, Warnings, and Errors

Naming conflicts are typically caused by either not following standard naming conventions, or by having the identical task name used in different projects.

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