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After you've defined your tasks, use the options in the Generate dialog box to generate the task interface objects needed for your applications. Task Builder provides several types of task interface objects. You can select more than one.

You must select generation options for each type of task interface object before you generate. From the Tools menu, choose Options. In addition, before you can successfully generate Web services or service beans, you must specify your compilation environment.

Once generated, your task interface objects are stored on your local machine. You can publish them to MCS to make them available to other developers for use in creating applications.

Note You can also use J2EE session EJBs to deploy a task file in a J2EE-compliant environment to a supported application server. EJBs and resource adapters are generated in MCS after you've published your task.

In MCS, after selecting the appropriate product, click Deployments to register your application server and create your session EJBs.

To display the Generate dialog box, from the Task Builder Guide or Tools menu, choose Generate.

Task file: A task file is generated regardless of your other selections in this dialog box. Task files are used either directly by your application, or internally by the Runtime Service when you develop applications that use another type of task interface object.

Java beans:

Service Bean: Generate a service bean for the tasks in your project. Service beans can include multiple tasks in a single bean. These beans have a method for each task. Task inputs and outputs are arguments to the method. Service beans can be used to create applications in any Java application development environment.

When you generate service beans, you must first specify your compliation options, if you have not already done so.

Task Beans: Generate Java beans for the tasks in your current project. A separate bean is generated for each task. You will use Attachmate's ITask interface when you develop applications that use these beans.

Web Services: Generate Web service objects or components for your tasks. These will include services for each of the environments you select.

Apache Axis: Generate Java beans for the Apache Axis environment. When you select this option, a service bean is also generated.

BEA WebLogic Integration: Generate Enterprise Java beans for the BEA WebLogic Integration environment.

Microsoft .NET: Generate .NET components.

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