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Export Task: Select Destination Project

The project you are exporting the task into is called the destination project. When you are working in Task Builder, the open project is always the source project and the project you will export the task into is the destination project.

To display the Select Destination Project page of the Task Export wizard, from the File menu, choose Export Tasks.

Location of Projects:   Type or browse to the location of the project you want to export into. The default location is <install_dir>/Attachmate/EAI/recordings, which is the location where project files are stored in a standard installation.

Projects:  The list of all projects contained in the selected directory. From the list, select the project that you want to export the selected task into.

Project name:  The name of the project you have selected to export a task into. If you enter the name of a project that does not currently exist, you will be asked if you want the project created.
Note Each destination project can only contain those tasks that have been exported into it. If you export a task into a project that already contains a task or tasks, those tasks will be overwritten.

Information, Warnings, and Errors

In the left pane of the wizard, different types of messages may occur when the panel is first displayed. There are a few things to keep in mind when you select a destination project.

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