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Edit Task Parents Dialog Box

A task becomes a parent when its endpoint is used as the initial screen for another task. Use the options in the Edit Task Parents dialog box to add or remove parents for the current task.

Available task parents:  The tasks that are currently available to be made into task parents and their marked endpoints.

Current task parents:  The current task parents and their endpoints. A task that does not begin at the initial host screen must have at least one task parent.

This option
Does this
Add Moves the selected task and its endpoint from the Available task parents list to the Current task parents list. A task can be a parent for multiple tasks and each task can have multiple parents. A task may be listed more than once, depending on the number of marked endpoints it contains.
Remove Returns a selected task and its endpoint from the Current task parents list to the Available task parents list. You cannot remove all parent tasks from a task. If you replace the parent task you want removed with another parent task, then you can remove the selected parent task.
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