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Duplicate Step Found Dialog Box

After you have added a branch to your task by modifying task inputs during test mode, and recording additional task steps on the branch, you must decide where your branch will rejoin your task.

You can join a branch to any existing duplicate task step as long as the step does not precede the last recorded step of the task branch. The Duplicate Step Found dialog box contains all task steps that are available for joining.

Note If you are working with custom steps, be careful when selecting a step to rejoin your task. The Duplicate Step Found dialog box contains all the task steps that were available for joining prior to converting the step to a custom step. You should verify the step's validity before proceeding.

Task steps:  The list of task steps, including their screen names and inputs, that are currently available as an entry point to join a branch to the existing task.

Host screen:  The host screen associated with a particular task step. As you select a task step in the Task steps pane, the host screen associated with it displays.

This option
Does this
OK After selecting the task step where you want your task branch to join, select OK to continue testing your task.
Cancel Choose Cancel if you do not want to join your branch to an existing task step. After choosing Cancel you can continue recording task steps.
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