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You can download NavMaps and their associated files from the MCS server that you specified during setup, or by modifying the options on the Publish dialog box. Tasks and NavMaps can be created by one developer, published to MCS, and accessed by additional developers in different locations.
Note A NavMap is a map of recorded screens, including fields and paths. NavMaps are downloaded along with their associated tasks, including inputs, outputs, and the task steps. Task interface objects, that are published to MCS, are not downloaded since Task Builder does not require them to run tasks.

Available NavMaps from MCS: Lists all NavMaps that have been published to the MCS server that was specified during setup.

Selected NavMaps: Lists the NavMaps that will be downloaded from the MCS server you specified during setup. Add a NavMap to this list by selecting it under Available NavMaps from MCS, and choosing Add.

Add: Move the selected NavMap from Available NavMaps from MCS to Selected NavMaps.

Remove: Move the selected NavMap from Selected NavMaps to Available NavMaps from MCS.

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