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New Task Dialog Box

Use the options in the New Task dialog box to name your task and choose a starting point for your task.

To display the New Task dialog box, from the Task Builder Guide or Task menu, choose New Task.

Task name: Type the name of the new task.

Begin recording from:

This option
Does this
Initial host login screen Start recording from the first host login screen.

Mark as a login task:  Select this item to tag the new task as a login task. When a task has been marked as a login task, after publishing, it is available as a login task when you configure pools in Management & Control Service for Screens.

End of task Uses the task endpoint of a previously recorded task as the starting point of your new task. When a task is used as a starting point for a new task, it becomes the task parent to the new task. You can select any previously recorded task from the drop-down list. When you begin recording, Task Builder automatically navigates to the endpoint of the parent task.
Note If an existing task's endpoint and initial task step are the same, the task will not appear in the list of available tasks.

When you use an existing task for the starting point of a new task, the Input Confirmation dialog box displays. Verify that the task inputs are valid for your new task.

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