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Convert Step to Custom Step Dialog Box

If you are unable to accomplish your task using the standard workflow, you can write custom steps and then convert a recorded step to a custom step.

To write a custom step you must create a step adapter class, using Java and Attachmate's Server-side API, and make it available to the design-time component. Once an adapter class as been written and saved to the proper location, you can use the list of available step adapter classes to choose the step adapter class that you want to associate with the converted step.

See Javadocs for Attachmate Interfaces for details on the server-side API.

A step adapter class is a user-created class that is instantiated and run when the custom step is executed.

Use the list of available step adapter classes to choose which step adapter class will be used for the converted custom step.

To display the Convert Step to Custom Step dialog box, from the Step menu, select Advanced, and then choose Convert Step to Custom Step.

Available step adapter classes: A list of the fully qualified names of all .class files located in the <Install Location>\Attachmate\EAI\recordings\<project name>\ssa\classes directory.

Note Since all classes in the directory are displayed make sure that a valid step adapter implementation is chosen. If you make a mistake you can change the name of the adapter implementation class using the Custom Step Property page.
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