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Host - 5250 Connection Settings - Advanced Page

Each of your projects store their own specific connection options. These are configured using the Connection Settings dialog box. These options change depending on the host type you have selected. For example, if you choose 5250 as your host type, you will only see connection settings for a 5250 host.

Note A project is the collection of all files needed to create, modify, publish, and execute a task or set of tasks.

The Connection Settings dialog box consists of three pages: the General page, the Advanced page, and the Security Page.

The Advanced page provides advanced 5250 connection settings for your current project.

Device Options

Host Device Name:  Type the device name to be used on the host by the session. If left blank, the host will automatically assign a device name based on the client computer name.

Warning The device name must begin with a letter (A through Z), or one of the following characters: @, #, or $. Avoid using the letter Q.

Use computer name for device name:  Select this check box to disable the Host Device Name field, and to automatically use the computer name instead.

Create new device name if host device name is in use:  Select this check box to have Task Builder create a new name if the one you've specified is already being used on the host.

Always prompt for device name before connecting:  Select this check box to disable all of the other options and have Task Builder prompt for a name every time you connect to the host.

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