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Display Settings - General Page

You can change the way your host screens appear and function with the settings on this page. These settings affect the current project.

Model: Specifies the type of terminal model your session will emulate. You can choose from the following models: Any Model, 24 x 80, 32 x 80, 43 x 80, or 27 x 132. Select Any Model for automatic negotiation with the TN3270 server for an available model.

Cursor options:

Blinking text appearance: Specifies how blinking text appears. If your text is a light color on a dark background, the Reverse setting will display blinking text as dark text on a light background.

Support light pen: If selected, your mouse will function like a light pen would. Some mainframe applications display fields that can be selected by touching a terminal screen with a light pen.

Enable host beep: If selected, your computer will beep when the host beeps.

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