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Display Settings - Attributes Page

You can display field attribute values as spaces, asterisks, or letters. Using this feature you can easily see where the field attributes are. You can also display unprotected fields as dots. The Attributes page lets you choose attribute settings for the current session.

Show Field Attribute Value: Specifies how field attribute positions are displayed in the terminal session, spaces, asterisks, or letters. Display as Letter will display the field type letter.

Show Unprotected Fields: Typically, unprotected fields are shown as spaces. When you select the Display as dots check box, dots appear in place of spaces. If a character is present, a dot does not appear beneath it.

Support extended attributes: Supports the use of Extended Attribute Bytes (EABs). EABs are codes used by many mainframe applications to display highlighting, reverse image, blinking, and seven colors. When this check box is selected, your computer can emulate the full capability of the mainframe screen.

Support numeric field override: If selected, you can type alphanumeric data in any numeric field.

Timeout value (msecs): The amount of time (in milliseconds) between the sending of an AID key, and the sending of the next AID key or keys. You can use this interval to slow down or speed up the sending of AID keys to the host. When you increase the Timeout value, there is a momentary lapse before the next command is sent to the host - this can be more user friendly and, in some cases, useful when monitoring a large string of commands sent to the host. The Timeout value is also referred to as the "AID Key Interval."

Type ahead enable: If selected, you can type ahead in a session before the host is ready for input.

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