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Host: 3270 Connection Settings: General Page

Each of your projects store their own specific connection options. These are configured using the Connection Settings dialog box. These options change depending on the host type you have selected. For example, if you choose 3270 as your host type, you will only see connection settings for a 3270 host.

Note A project is the collection of all files needed to create, modify, publish, and execute a task or set of tasks.

The Connection Settings dialog box consists of three pages; the General page, the Advanced page, and the Security Page.

Host alias/IP address: Type either the numeric IP address or the alias name of the remote host associated with the configuration. The address or alias name can be up to 32 characters long.

Terminal/device type: From the list, select a terminal or device type string that is negotiated with the TN3270 server.

Custom device type: Type a custom device type. This device type will replace the entry displayed in the Terminal/Device Type box as the configuration's selected device type.

Port number: The Telnet (TN3270) port number of the server. The port number must be between 1 and 65535.

Connection timeout (secs): The number of seconds the session will wait when trying to establish a connection. The maximum value you can type here is 300 seconds; 0 means no timeout.

Number of retries: The number of times the session will try to make a connection after an unsuccessful try.

Auto connect at session start-up: If selected, the session will attempt to connect to the host (specified in the Host Alias/IP Address field above) when the session is started. Otherwise, you will have to connect manually (by clicking the Connect button on the toolbar, for example).

Auto reconnect on host disconnect: If selected, the session will reconnect when the session is disconnected unexpectedly. If something goes wrong in the communication between the client and the host as a result of phone line disturbance or internet traffic disruption, this setting will automatically attempt to reconnect to the host.

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