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Host: 3270 Connection Settings: Advanced Page

Each of your projects store their own specific connection options. These are configured using the Connection Settings dialog box. These options change depending on the host type you have selected. For example, if you choose 3270 as your host type, you will see only connection settings for a 3270 host.

Note A project is the collection of all files needed to create, modify, publish, and execute a task or set of tasks.

The Connection Settings dialog box consists of three pages; the General page, the Advanced page, and the Security Page.

The Advanced page provides advanced 3270 connection settings for your current project.

Enter key interpretation (NVT specific)

This setting only takes effect when you are in NVT mode. "NVT" will appear in the OIA to signify NVT mode.

This option
Does this
Carriage return and line feed If selected, pressing the enter key sends a carriage return (0x0D) and linefeed (0x0A) character.
Carriage return If selected, pressing the enter key sends a carriage return (0x0D) character. This is the default setting.

Backspace key interpretation (NVT specific)

This setting takes effect only when you are in NVT mode. "NVT" will appear in the OIA to signify NVT mode.

This option
Does this
Delete If selected, pressing the backspace key sends a delete character (0x08). This is the default setting.
Backspace If selected, pressing the BACKSPACE key sends a backspace character.

TN3270 specific

IAC stands for Interpret As Command. It tells the host that a command is coming instead of regular data.

Enable ATTN Key as IAC Break:  If selected, pressing the ATTN key sends an IAC Break Telnet command. This is the default setting. Clear this check box if your Telnet server doesn't support this feature.

Enable SYSREQ as IAC Interrupt Process:  If selected, pressing the SYSREQ key sends an IAC Interrupt Process Telnet command.

Same Model for Primary and Alternate Screens:(Not available for printer sessions)  If selected, the same model type will be used for both primary and alternate screen sizes. When selected, you can use a model type other than model 2 for primary screens.

TN3270 enhanced protocol

Use TN3270E When Supported:  If selected, your session will use the TN3270E protocol if the gateway supports it. Otherwise, either a TN3270 or TN3287 session will be negotiated. The TN3270 Enhanced protocol provides for the ability of a Telnet client to request that it be assigned a specific resource or device name (a specific LU on the host); also, it adds support for a variety of functions such as the ATTN key, the SYSREQ key, and SNA response handling. The TN3270E protocol includes 328x class printer emulation.

Resource/Device Name: In the Resource/Device Name text box, type a device name, resource, or resource pool on the gateway. The Use TN3270E When Supported check box must be selected, and the gateway must support TN3270E for this to work.

Use ASSOCIATE Command to Connect to Printer:(Available for printer configurations only)  Select this option to associate (or bind) a printer session to a terminal session. Make sure that the Resource/Device Name text box contains the name of the terminal resource that you want to associate with the current printer session.

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