Attachmate Trace Player

The Attachmate Trace Player, a JAVA program, emulates "host-side" behavior by using datastreams captured from real host sessions. Data sets are included in order to demonstrate specific host behaviors in relationship to Services Builder for Screens.

To use the Trace Player to run samples

  1. Verify that the JAVA runtime environment has been added to the system path.

  2. From the CD, open the Tools directory and, depending on your chosen platform, copy the appropriate files to attachmate/eai/documentation/connector_screens/sdk/traceplayer:
    Platform Files to copy
    Win32 tracegroomer.bat
    UNIX Traceplayer.tar.gz
    Unpack, with the .jar and .sh files, into the directory indicated.

  3. You can now run your samples.

    For example, click dmv.bat to run the How to use Custom Steps and the Server-side API sample described in the product guide.

About datasets

Since each batch file starts a dataset that plays back through a separate port, multiple instances of the Trace Player can run concurrently using specific data. Example projects are pre-set to use the "localhost" (to find the local Trace Player) and the specific port that matches their expected host data set.

You can modify the port assignment by adjusting the -P(1201) parameter in the batch file, and by editing the host connection information in the sample project. Many clients (STUDENTA, STUDENTB, etc.) can be connected to a single multi-client capable Trace Player (for example, on a TRAINING machine).

At this release, the following datasets are available:

Port Name Description
1201 DMV Department of Motor Vehicles. Variable number of vehicles depending on ID number.