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Uses of Class

Packages that use Point The Server-Side API technology provided in this package is used for both the Custom Step and Pinpoint Customization features in the Services Builder product. 

Uses of Point in

Methods in that return Point
 Point VTController.getCursorTrigger()
          Sets the cursor trigger.
 Point IQAScreen.findString(java.lang.String string, int startRow, int startCol, int flag)
          Returns the location of the given text on the current screen.
 Point IQAScreen.getCursorPosition()
          Gets the cursor position on the current host screen.
 Point IQAScreen.getWaitForCursor()
          Gets a Point that contains the location of the cursor trigger.
 Point IFieldData.getScreenPosition()
          Returns the starting position of this field on the screen
 Point IController.getCursorTrigger()
          Sets the cursor trigger.
 Point DefaultController.getCursorTrigger()
          Sets the cursor trigger.

Methods in with parameters of type Point
 void VTController.setCursorTrigger(Point p)
          Sets the cursor trigger.
 void IController.setCursorTrigger(Point p)
          Sets the cursor trigger.
 void DefaultController.setCursorTrigger(Point p)
          Sets the cursor trigger.

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