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Interface ITaskListener

public interface ITaskListener

Task listener interface. Contains method definitions for event handlers to be implemented by Task Bean event listeners.

Although registering a listener is the preferred way to get the status of a task execution a client program may also use ITask.getStatus to poll for the same information.

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Method Summary
 void taskStatusChange(TaskStatusChangeEvent event)
          Notification of a change in task status.

Method Detail


public void taskStatusChange(TaskStatusChangeEvent event)
Notification of a change in task status. A task can start, complete normally, be canceled, time out or fail due to some error. The event object contains the task status information such as the task execution status, exception information and source of the event.

event - task status change event object. The event object contains the following task status information:
  • event.status -- one of the event status constants defined in TaskStatusChangeEvent
  • event.exception -- optional exception information. May be null.
See Also:
TaskStatusChangeEvent, ITask.getStatus()

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